Student Reaffirmation of Academic Integrity Under Approved Changes to Delivery and Assessment of TU Dublin Programmes

Arising from the unforeseen emergency measures required for the containment of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the University enacted contingency Quality Assurance procedures (Approved by Academic Council on March 23, 2020). Under the referred enactment, examinations invigilated in the traditional manner will not take place in May and all programmes have moved towards alternative assessment arrangements.

This is a reaffirmation that, each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by TU Dublin Academic Regulations and Policies. Any student violating these regulation/policies will earn an 'F Grade' in the course and will be reported to the University for the violation. Some guidelines towards compliance with Academic Integrity are outlined overleaf.

By signing this form, I understand and will abide by the University Regulations and Policies covering Academic Integrity. Therefore, I declare that any individual work being submitted for examination is entirely the product my own effort.  For all group assignments, I accept that each member of the group is responsible for the academic integrity of the entire submission. I will retain a copy of this agreement for future reference.

Full policy

Guidelines towards Student Compliance with Academic Integrity


These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Academic Policy and Regulations applying to your programme and which are provided for in the Student Handbook.  Students may need to consult their course coordinator or the designated communication channel that has been provided for their individual programme.  


All students are expected to complete their courses in compliance with University regulations and standards. No student shall engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade by means other than honest effort, for example:

1.       No student shall complete, in part or in total, any examination or assignment for another person.

2.       No student shall knowingly allow any examination or assignment to be completed, in part or in total, for himself or herself by another person.

3.       No student shall plagiarize or copy the work of another and submit it as his or her own work.

4.       No student shall employ aids excluded by the instructor in undertaking course work.

5.       No student shall knowingly procure, provide, or accept any materials that contain questions or answers to any examination or assignment to be given at a subsequent time.

6.       No student shall procure or accept assignments from any other student from current or prior classes of this course.

7.       No student shall provide their assignments, in part or in total, to any other student in current or future classes of this course.

8.       No student shall submit substantially the same material in more than one course without prior authorization.

9.       No student shall alter graded assignments or examinations and then resubmit them for regrading.

10.   All programming code and documentation submitted for evaluation or existing inside the students computer accounts must be the students original work or material specifically authorized by the instructor.

11.   Collaborating with other students to develop, complete or correct course work is limited to activities explicitly authorized by the instructor.

12.   For all group assignments, each member of the group is responsible for the academic integrity of the entire submission.